Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google Adsense Alternatives

The biggest risk to anyone, even bloggers making money online, is being banned by any ad agency. And many times the reason why these ad agencies would block you is beyond your control.
Bloggers have complained of various situations in which companies like Google Adsense have banned them:
sites had too many links to the types of websites that Google flag as risky – like sites promoting violence or spreading malware
if you are allowing downloads & your site is compromised, then you could be spreading malware without intent & without knowledge
Google thinks you are clicking your own ads
you have optimized your ad space by combining Google Adsense with another ad competing for the highest bidder
The reasons could be many, but there is no easy solution. Google does not run any help desk who you could call and explain. All you can do is send an email & hope for things to be resolved.
In all these, if you have depended on just Google Adsense as your sole revenue earner, you have no option but to stop your online operations.
It is always good to share your ad earnings with other advertisers, some very similar & equally competent like Google Adsense. Here is a great list of other advertisers, equally good like Adsense. They are great Google Adsense Alternative ads.
To sign-up, simply click the sign up link on each one. The set up is very simple & they all provide all the Google Adsense ad formats too.

Google Adsense Alternatives with BidVertiser ads – this is also a great advertising company providing ads similar to Google Adsense. Apart from the standard formats like Google Adsense ads, they also provide custom ad formats. This is a great advantage if you want to show ads in different places on blog or websites.
Sign up for Bid Vertiser Ads

ClickSor they are very upgrated site. you can reciv check within 15 days. after reached minimum check.
Sign up for ClickSor

Chitika is another program to earn fast money.
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