Thursday, April 16, 2015

Look at my list of 5 simple ways to make money with your website

1. Advertising
This is normally the only thing webmasters think of, mostly because it’s one of the best ways to make money online without putting in too much time and effort. There are, of course, people who put their lives into optimizing their advertisements, but even for the new webmaster, adding Google Adsense or becoming a Yahoo! Publisher is an easy way to start earning revenue immediately for your website’s visitors.
Some of the most popular choices for website advertisements are Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher, and Text Link Ads, but you can also search around for others, as there are literally thousands of choices.
Once you’ve chosen the network you’d like to work with, sign up for their services, paste the code into your website, and wait for the money to roll in.

- Google Adsense
 - Bidvertiser

2. Get Paid to Post
Do you have a blog that has a decent base of readers and/or a good Google page rank? If so, or if you’re planning to build this kind of blog out, you can get paid to post reviews, articles, and product launches on your website!
Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Some of the most popular choices today are Pay Per Post, Review Me, and Loud Launch, and all of them offer various ways to earn money simply by adding a review, posting your honest opinion, or telling your readership about a great product launch.
To get started, simply visit the site of your choice, sign up, and you’ll get a confirmation from the website in a couple of days. From there, each service is different, but you can normally bid on the project you want and/or wait for businesses to bid on your website.
3. Affiliate Programs
Okay, it’s not just because I’m the Affiliate Program Manager here, but Affiliate Programs really are a good way to earn extra revenue. .



4. Sponsorship
If your website or blog is popular enough, place a link and subdomain somewhere on your site, offering the option to accept site sponsorship. A lot of times, companies that operate in related circles will pay you to advertise their services or might even offer to pay for your hosting costs or other related costs. Even if your website or blog isn’t extremely popular, it couldn’t hurt to include this information to see if anybody is interested. Especially if you’re in a related niche, you may luck out.

5. Shopping Carts
You probably already know this, but if you sell any products or services through an offline business, try adding this feature to your website as well via a shopping card and merchant account. By mixing your products along with affiliate products, you’re sure to earn some money off your website.
There are definitely other methods you can use to earn money online, but the five above are some of the most popular. If you have others, feel free to share!

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