Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Make money With Google Adsense

All you have to do with Google Adsense, is placing ad on your pages and driving high traffic for high demand keywords. The higher the cost per click is the more you will earn each time someone clicks on an Adsense ad on your site/blog/page.If you are new to this kind of market, there are two major factors that you must know and which the webmasters use in order to earn money more easily through Adsense.Place Adsense blocks on pages that produce little or no profit ; they will stay on your site or will click on the ads in place of following the links included in your page.

Visitors will come more often and easier on your website if you offer them some free marketing or niche resource (for example, if you build a site about wine, offer them an opportunity to receive an ebook and to subscribe to a newsletter dedicated to wine).How can you optimize your Adsense income?Choose an Adsense blocks color that matches with your site: if the background of your site is blue, then use the blue background for your Adsense blocks. Make sure that your Adsense links look like your site.By using the formats which proved that they are most profitable until now (for example: the 336x280 rectangle or the 250x250 square). The 336x280 format tends to have the most output because it looks like the links that one sees on the Internet and people tend to click on this type of advertising link as they are accustomed to click on the navigation links.Do not put Adsense at the bottom of your pages: preferably place them at the top of the pages. Your visitors must immediately see them while arriving on your site.Do not use the 486x60 size: this ad looks like a banner and will be ignored by your visitors.Do not place the adsense ads in a separate area on the page: embed the block inside your content area, preferably on the right of your article. Use a floating block like "Adsense Code".Never click on the Adsense ads on your own pages, it will result in Google disabling your account.

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